Malton Food Fair

One of the reasons we really like the area around Appleton le Moors is the amount of things to do both for us and for our guests when we open. We recently went to the Malton food fair which was just brilliant. We had the last two battered oysters from the Greedy Bassets stand which were to die for!

Greedy Bassets

There was something for everyone….perhaps you should visit next year Bob!


Time to move!

Moving sml

After lots of finger crossing and nail chewing we exchanged contracts last week, we even have a moving in date….Thursday 6th June. After all the anticipation we just can’t wait to get going.

We both love cooking and one of the downsides of the village is that it doesn’t have gas. So we have in a moment of mad impulse splashed out a lot of money on a Falcon induction range cooker! Ah joy a new toy.