The site is now changing every day its very exciting and also rather scary. If you’ve ever watched any of the building make over shows on the TV you often see huge pieces of steel being manhandled through exterior walls just to get them in….well we didn’t want to be left out!RSJ

This is Josh getting our first new steel in through the wall, Stan is inside and it took all 3 of us to get the piece in place.

As well as putting in we are taking out, we are expecting skip number 7 tomorrow, we think we must be their best customer.  One of the main changes we are making is opening up the dining room by taking the first floor out and making it a double height space.

No Floor

It doesn’t look much from this picture but it is one huge space and painting the ceiling is going to be a nightmare.

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All quiet on the Western Front?

Winter (what winter) has been kind to us but has had us kicking our heels while preparing planning and listed building consent for the National Park. The great news is that the first listed building consent has come in, which allows us to start making changes in the main barn.

North Barn proposals

There is a huge amount to do as we are converting from its current format to a 7 bedroom (all en-suite) holiday cottage aimed at the family get together market. Unfortunately Mike our builder has had to have an operation on his back and is out action for 12 weeks. Currently Ian is working with Josh (Mike’s labourer) and Stan the chippy. The first week working alongside a fit young man 30 years his junior nearly killed Ian.