Decisions decisions………..


An F type Jag…. or an ETA biomass boiler?

Truth be told we can’t afford either, but for the long term we cannot afford not to have a biomass boiler system.
We got the images above slightly wrong; the plan was to have two images of desirable hunks of metal of the same value to have a good comparison. The Jag on the left was spec’d from the Jaguar web site to match the price of the ETA boiler on the right, however we forgot that the boiler price didn’t include VAT! so the Jag would be the cheaper option by about 20%.


So what did we choose? Obviously we went for the boiler and the order went in yesterday.

What on earth is biomass? click here to find out.

Spring has sprung

Sheep, are an integral part of the village and we have been keeping an eye open for new arrivals. Easter weekend has seen the first of the lambs, and although very cute we will shortly have to stop them invading the garden.


And once in the garden they don’t eat the grass they prefer the more exotic tastes of hosta or lilly!


Not only have we had the new lambs but we have seen our first swallows today! They also serve as a stark reminder of how much work we have to do as we are planning to open in a years time!