A room with a view

We wanted to create a wow factor in the dining room and Chris at KPP architects decided that the best way to do that would be to create a double height space by  removing the 1st floor. We would then build in a staircase and gallery to the bedrooms which would overlook the dining room. The floor was removed some time ago, but this week the new steels arrived. We had originally decided to leave the original steels in as a temporary measure to help balance the new steels on. However at the last moment we had a sudden moment of sanity and decided just to cut those old steels out and use a lifter to get the new steels in place.

Not Guilty!

We have just ordered our 10th skip today from Ryedale skip hire at Pickering and although we have been putting all sorts of stuff in, we have not had anything to do with the article published today in the Malton Gazette & Herald……honestly

If you can’t read the article click on it for a larger image.