Official Opening of the Boiler Room

Over the Christmas period we have had a visit from the Berry clan. Jean has not seen the boiler installed since she helped us out with a loan to help us buy it. So we hid a big ribbon behind the boiler room door and literally opened the door and handed her a pair of scissorsopening ceremonyUnfortunately we only had one chance of the picture and George hadn’t quite managed to get into the frame….sexy right ear and hat though.

A Long Time Coming

We have had some grief from some of you recently that we haven’t up-dated the blog for a while! There is a reason for this, we have had a major job that we wanted to show from start to finish and now we can.
Before and after

We think the West Barn was one of the things that stopped folks from buying Town End Farm.
Because of the dangerous nature of the building we could never have opened the Long Barn for business until we had made the West Barn safe. It was quite a process to get from before to after, so if you’d like to see the eight step plan of how to re-build a barn click here.