Refurbishing the sash windows

We have had to chop out some of the frames of the old sash weight boxes where the decades have rotted the wood.

sash frame 3 Because the house is Grade II listed and we are in a conservation area the broken/cracked panes have to be replaced with mouth blown cylinder glass ££££££££s. However the modern glass is thicker than the original and this means that the sash weights aren’t necessarily heavy enough to balance the sash windows after some of the glass has been replaced!
sash weight

We have also had to repair some of the sliding sashes as the wood has also rotted in places.

Repair to sash


sash cramp



Once all the repairs are done, the weights are changed and the draught proof staff beads and parting beads are done all you have to do is pop them back in.


3 thoughts on “Refurbishing the sash windows

  1. Wow…you work fast….

    Small point – you expect it from me…but isn’t that your room window you have repaired? Hence not revenue generating…

  2. Believe it or not (you won’t), I used to do this, helping a neighbour who had a sideline repairing sash cords on windows in Glasgow tenements back in the seventies. I fu**ing hated it !!
    Keep up the good work!
    Neil and Audrey.

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