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  1. Hello Ian and Jackie,
    Glad to hear you are on the move at last. Looking forward to seeing the updates on the new house. Hope it all goes well.
    Carole, Steve and Nicholas xxxx

  2. Well by tomorrow 6th June 2013 you should have completed and moved in.??
    Look forward to seeing the pictures and booking a weekend visit to see the real thing. Best of luck with Everything.

    John Hood

  3. Well Done! Most are not brave/stupid enought o follow their dreams – but we all should. Well done! I look forward to the updates and teh grand opening! all the best Debbie

  4. It looks idylic if you only have to worry about sheep in the road!!
    Really admire you both for what you are doing ….still miss Ian and always think of you when at exhibitions etc …hope to come and visit next year xxxxx

  5. Very envious of your move, looks great.
    Enjoy and hope its a great success.


    P.s. it’s now on my patch, so what’s the Zeiss rates??

  6. The new word for today is Biomass how interesting you never mentioned the government subsidy . The lambs do look very sweet .

    • True Bill, we wouldn’t be doing this without the hope of the government subsidy, however we still have to pay out all the money and get the thing installed before we can even apply.

  7. Hey guys. Wow things are really moving on. I agree with Michael the lambs are really cute. Hope you are both well. Love Chris xx

    • We are getting close, kitchen is in, most of the bathrooms working, woodburner fitted and paint going on walls!
      Curry house 10mins in a car, pub with food 2 mins on foot!

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